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Supplier of Embroidered Patches

Embroidered patches never seem to go out of fashion and there are multiple uses for them such as scout badges, club patches, company patches and more! They can also be placed on pretty much anything that can be sewn or ironed.

embroidered patches

I am always aiming for perfection when it comes to embroidery which is why I made a few example patches to show the quality I am capable of. All the patches you see on this site cover a range of different techniques. For example the Boom patch has an irregular shape that requires a laser cut edge. This was combined with a wax backing for easy iron on application.

laser cut embroidered patch

The Pow patch had a more traditional merrow overlocked border that is more well known for an embroidered patch edge. This design has a velcro backing that can be popular for many uses and ease of changing patches on a garment.

velcro embroidered patch

Embroidered patches and badges can be a very good way of adding an embroidery to a garment or accessory. They are also more affordable especially when ordering in large quantities. If you would like a quote for your own embroidered patch design then please contact us here.


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