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Looking for Quality Embroidery Digitizing?

As another year passes us by are you wondering what this one might bring? The hope of more customers? better sales? more brand awareness? All these things sound great but you need to start somewhere and it has to begin with making a change.

Your promotional products are being viewed by a number of potential new clients and although it may sound obvious... they must look their best! Word of mouth is the best marketing and when people are amazed by something then they will talk about it. So start by doing something right and review your processes and the quality your are producing.

3D Puff Embroidery

This design wasnt the easiest but as an end result it really does look striking and gives the wow factor. People want to be wowed and the best way to do this with embroidery is have a digitizer that can achieve great results while leaving you to run your business!


I offer only the best high quality embroidery programmes and my prices are competitive. It's not just the programme you receive but also advice if needed on the best way to embroider on your machines or fit onto a cap! So contact me today to start the New Year in the best possible way and take your business to the next level!


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