Mike Whaites Award Winning Digitizer

Over 12 years of experience both working with Wilcom Embroidery Software and being hands on during production. Since the beginning of 2014 I have launched MJW Embroidery offering only the best embroidery combined with hands on industry knowledge.


The focus here is to create high quality digitized embroidery programmes that run smoothly on your machines and have an exceptional outcome. I know that your orders will involve some of the most expensive garments in the industry such as Jackets, bags etc. This is why I create the embroidery digitized programmes to run smoothly and have minimal thread breaks to avoid any spoils on your order. Utilising the latest Wilcom Embroidery software allows me to do this and create the embroidered logos to such a high standard.


There are many cheap alternatives around but you cannot trust the overall quality of the designs. Thread breaks, unlegible text, distorted designs and unnecessary trims can give you a headache when running the designs on your machines. You can be assured that with MJW Embroidery you will be receiving quality files that have been digitized to run hassle free and give an excellent result.

  • Award Winning Digitizer

  • All Programmes Tested In-house

  • All Designs Digitized with the Latest Wilcom Software

  • Experience within the U.K Promotional Clothing Industry

  • Embroidered Special Effects

  • Urgent Orders Processed within Hours

  • Discounts for Large Volume

  • Madeira Threads Used

Embroidered Garment Icons