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Quoting for embroidery

If you have a design that you would like digitized I firstly need to see your design in whichever format you have available. I can even work from photos of existing embroideries if you dont have the actual file. Once I have this and the details of your order such as how large you want it, which position etc, I can then create a quote. The process is very fast and if I have all the information I can then reply instantly. If I require more information or something isn't quite clear then I will reply via email.


I can also provide an estimated stitch count and advice on any parts of the logo that might need adjusting to work best as an embroidery. If you have a budget to keep to then I can work with you to produce something within your requirements.

I have many years experience working hands on as a production manager for embroidered promotional clothing and can advise on any tricky garment or placement of logo. Please contact me at anytime for help and advice.

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