Embroidered Patches

As an Embroidered patches supplier I can say that without a doubt they are one of the most professional looking things you can have manufactured for your business, club, event etc. You will have seen embroidered patches before most likely sewn onto a scouts shirt or promoting a local sports club. They've also become very popular now as an accessory to pretty much anything. The ease of application from sewing, ironing on and simply sticking means that they can be applied to the trickiest of places.

embroidered patch

Some of the main advantages of embroidered patches are as follows. Number 1 is that you can remove large areas of stitching and have the background fabric showing through. Like an applique really and the choice of fabric colours available will cover most colour pallets. Number 2 is that embroidered patches are sewn onto fabric that has a tight weave and a perfect canvas for embroidery. This means that your embroidered design will look its best and more detail can be achieved. Even very small text can sometimes be achieved! Reason number 3 is that you can choose from a variety of finishes such as the edging if you want the traditional overlocked edge (suitable for very basic shapes). Or maybe you have a complex shape that will require a laser cut finish to your embroidered patch? There are also options for the different backings that can be applied to your embroidered patches. You can choose from having no backing to simply sew on direct. You can choose from the more common iron on wax backing to your embroidered patch. You can even choose a velcro backing or sticker backing to your embroidered patches. So the options vary and it depends on the application of the patch as to which would work best for you. If you would like more information about embroidered patches and badges then contact me here.

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