Steve Jobs & Me!

So it turns out that I've been placed in a list of mulitlingual CEO's along with the greats such as Mark Zukerberg and Steve Jobs! (click here for article) Being a mulitlingual embroidery digitizer sure is hard work but I'm glad it pays off sometimes! I can actually only speak 2 languages, English and Swedish and they arent too difficult. I moved to Sweden almost 2 years ago and that was when I first started my Embroidery Digitizing Company.

I had previously worked as a production manager for a large promotional clothing company in Cambridge U.K for about 4 years. This is where I learnt and developed my skills as a digitizer with a lot of hands on experience. I think there is a big difference between learning to digitize and actually seeing how it works on the clothing.

So many garments are different in the way the textiles are manufactured and each one has its own properties that makes for easy or difficult embroidery. I always suggest the design is tested first on the actual garment (order an extra garment/cap on your order for this purpose). Caps are the easiest to go wrong so its worth planning ahead and ordering an extra few especially for a large order.

I have a lot of knowledge when it comes to embroidery so do not hesitate to contact me regarding your embroidery needs!

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