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3D embroidered cap

Trying to think of an engaging title for a blog can be tricky and after consuming mulitple cups of tea while preparing to move offices has made me slightly... mad! (in the crazy sense) I am in fact moving to Stockholm within the next few weeks however I will still be working throughout the period on my trusty laptop!

I realised I hadnt posted for a while and thought a few quick tips on lettering might be helpful especially when communicating with your customers regarding their designs. First of all it is good to have limitations in place to avoid hold ups and bad embroidery. The simplist is stating that the minimum size you can embroider a good quality letter is 6mm high for the tall lower case letters such as l,k,d,t and 4mm for the shorter lower case letters a,e,c,n etc

Most customers will accept this and if it really does effect the layout of the logo then suggest the text is placed on 2 lines to achieve the quality outcome they will want. Some letters can also be created using a run stitch instead of a satin stitch. Trademarks and reg marks are a good example where a run stitch would work better and this can also be used for small lettering on crest designs, small detail etc Standard lettering usually is satin stitched and this works best however when embroidering a satin stitch I find that anything less than 0.7mm wide doesnt look great and so you must look at other stitch options to create the desired effect.

One final thing I'll comment on is link stitches between letters. These are set in the parameteres of your embroidery software and can be altered depending on how far apart each letter is. I normally stick to anything over 2mm distance to be trimmed however you can always move the text slightly to achieve the best look and efficiency of a programme. The benefit on having the link stitches is not just speeding up the machine time but it also helps with the flow of the stitching itself and helps to avoid thread breaks and clumpy tie offs that can make the text look unappealing.

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