Embroidering your Logo

The first time I look at a logo I will instinctively analyse how it would work as an embroidery. There are certain things to look for such as the height of text, excessive detail and number of colours to name just a few. In my mind I look at how the logo will look its best as an embroidery and advise the client on any changes that may need to happen. If the logo provided is a vector file then I can simply adjust it to show how the changes will look. Most of the time it is small detail such as increasing the size of the text or putting the text onto 2 lines instead of one.

It's also important to know what type of garment the logo is being sewn onto so that I can create the embroidery programme to work its best. The main issue is between garments like a t-shirt and a heavy pile fleece. Where the fleece may need a background mesh to hold the pile down, a t-shirt will not.

The more information you have in the beginning will hugely benefit the production process later on saving you time and money.

In house sampling machine

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