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All embroidered patches are custom made to your design and specification. Fill in the form at the bottom of the page to receive a custom quote.

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All embroidered patches are custom made to your design and requested size. Having worked with many designs over the years I can provide my experience and knowledge for any alterations such as size or small details to ensure your design has a quality finish. If you have any questions regarding embroidered patches then please do not hesitate to contact me first by emailing

embroidered patch

Embroidered Velcro Patch

This design shows a classic square shape, which is suitable for a merrow border. Merrow border is a form of overlocking and is the most traditional and common edging technique to custom embroidered patches. Merrow borders can only be used on simple shapes such as squares and circles.

The backing fabric shows through on this design as a light yellow colour with the remaining design being embroidered. Depending on your design you can choose which area you wish to have the background fabric showing through. There is also the option of having 100% embroidery with no background fabric showing through on your embroidered patch.

The backing applied to this design is Velcro, which can be used for many applications. Simply sew on the base Velcro layer to your clothing and attach the embroidered patch. This option is ideal for changing patches regularly and also ensuring a very strong attachment.

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Embroidred Velcro patch

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